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The Importance of a Full Continuum of Care for Seniors

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Which level of care do you need from a senior living facility? What do you plan to do if you need a higher level of care down the road? If you are looking for senior living with a partner, how will you accommodate both of your changing needs? If these questions make you feel a bit overwhelmed, you may find that prioritizing senior care options in Texas that provide a full continuum of care can take the stress and guesswork out of the decision.

When you choose Buckner Retirement Services for your senior lifestyle, you can feel confident that your needs will be met, regardless of how they change over time. We offer a full continuum of care for seniors, from independent living to memory care, so that you can call Buckner home throughout your golden years. Reach out to us at 214.227.7182 to learn more about the various levels of care we provide and schedule an in-person or virtual tour of our luxury Texas senior communities.

What Is a Full Continuum of Care for Seniors?

When you begin searching for senior living communities, you may encounter unfamiliar terminology. Not understanding the different types of senior living options can make it more challenging to determine which may be the most suitable for you. A full continuum of care refers to a senior living community providing the entire range of care levels for its residents. These communities may also be called continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs). The care levels you will find in these communities are:

Some of these communities also offer outpatient physical, occupational, or speech therapy services. Using these outpatient services provides seniors with a helpful introduction to the community. You get a feel for the atmosphere, how the staff members interact with the residents, and how happy the residents seem to be in the community. You also get to learn more about the amenities and services provided. What better way to help you decide if that may be a community you want to join in the future?

What Are the Benefits of a Full Continuum of Care?

Should you consider a senior community with a full continuum of care? How can it benefit you? You may be tempted to start with an independent living community for your first senior living experience and handle any changes in your needs as they arise. Here are some reasons to consider a continuing care retirement community right from the beginning:

  • While the cost of a CCRC may appear higher initially, it may be competitive with the alternatives when you consider the cost of moving to another community when you need a higher level of care.
  • Living in a community with a full continuum of care offers optimal convenience. You will not have to relocate if your needs change later in life.
  • A full continuum of care provides for all your health needs, giving you and your family peace of mind.

The main benefit of choosing a senior community with a full continuum of care is ease. You will only need to choose where to move in your senior years once. You will not need to move from facility to facility, which is especially beneficial when you become comfortable in your community and develop connections with your neighbors.

Buckner Retirement Services: A Full Range of Senior Care Options in Texas

You have worked hard to earn your retirement, so life in your senior years should be easy and enjoyable. When you choose one of Buckner Retirement Services’ luxurious senior communities, you will enjoy a full continuum of care to provide for all of your needs throughout your retirement. Reach out to us today at 214.227.7182 to learn more about all the services and amenities offered at our upscale senior communities in Texas.