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Service isn’t just something we provide. It’s who we are. One of our key promises is to be a help to others. The greatest pleasure for the Buckner Retirement Services team is assisting someone, making them smile, and relieving their tension. Residents realize that we are always accessible to listen and assist them. Buckner senior living services are available to all residents, whether they live in our Independent Living community or our Memory Care community. Our dedication to service is unmatched. To learn more about Buckner community services, please contact Buckner Retirement Services today by calling 214.227.7182 or using our helpful online form.

What Do Our Buckner Senior Living Services Include?

We assist the individual needs of every resident who lives in our homes. We create a specialized Buckner senior living service plan for seniors. In addition, in order to provide the best possible help, we have dedicated staff members in all of our communities.

We strive to serve every area of residents’ lives. For instance, for social wellness, each community has an activities coordinator to ensure all community activities are scheduled and successful. We also offer a chaplaincy program to support residents’ spiritual well-being. Furthermore, our communities also provide health and wellness programs, which we can tailor to the unique needs of the resident, which can aid their physical well-being.

Supporting residents’ health is only part of what makes our dedication to service unique. To ensure you know everything is taken care of, we offer these services:

  • Lifestyle and wellness programming
  • Housekeeping and linen services
  • Maintenance-free lifestyle
  • Salon/spa services
  • Transportation services
  • Expert medical care
  • Specialized care plans for each resident

We believe that our dedication to service is important, but it’s how we make it come alive that determines its success. We recognize that we are more than simply a facility for older persons to live in. You’ll see how our employees may become trusted members of the family after only a short while with us. Trust isn’t something you can just give away willy-nilly. It has to be earned every day, one day at a time. And by behaving with the greatest degree of care, knowledge, and dedication possible. 

Benefits of the Buckner Senior Living Services

Our Buckner senior living services include a number of benefits. First, our homes are designed with seniors in mind. There are various shared common spaces, which ensures the ability to socialize with other seniors who are just as passionate and dynamic as you are. We also make an effort to make each home feel like its own residence through floor plans that are customized to meet residents’ needs.

The extra care you need should not cause stress, so it’s important that your Buckner home has just the right level of support. We have achieved this by offering affordable service options while still maintaining an excellent standard of living within our communities. We also work with you to create a customized senior care plan for your unique needs.

Our Buckner senior living services are built upon our decades of experience in the senior living community industry, so we have established best practices that allow us to deliver high-quality results. We understand that seniors want to maintain their freedom so they can continue being active members of their community. We are committed to providing independence and purpose to all residents so that they can enjoy their golden years. 

Learn More When You Call Buckner Retirement Services

When you trust Buckner Retirement Services with your care needs, you’ll notice how much easier life becomes on a day-to-day basis. To learn more about the Buckner community services, please contact Buckner Retirement Services today at 214.227.7182.