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Skilled Nursing Care



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Seniors today are leading more active lives well into their 70s, 80s, and 90s. Senior living communities allow seniors to lead independent lives while still having access to skilled nursing care when necessary. This can be anything from medication assistance, help with daily care activities to round-the-clock care. No matter your level of independence, Buckner Retirement Services offers multiple senior care options in Texas.

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Buckner Retirement Services offers long-term care for seniors—and skilled nursing care in particular—to help with a wide range of medical needs. We will work with you to determine the right level of care necessary to be comfortable while providing the best care for your medical needs. Call our courteous staff today at 214.227.7182 to learn more about the skilled nursing care we offer at our skilled nursing communities in Texas. 

What Is Skilled Nursing Care?

Skilled nursing care can refer to any care provided by a licensed medical professional or technicians such as a registered nurse (RN), certified nursing assistant (CNA), or physical therapist. This level of care can be beneficial in helping ease the common symptoms of aging and keeping seniors as comfortable and active as possible. Skilled nursing care can comprise many medical services, such as:

  • Caring for wounds
  • Intravenous therapy
  • Catheter care
  • Physical, speech, and occupational therapy
  • Monitoring vital signs
  • Medication management

Long-term care for senior adults has changed over the last few decades. Most seniors now want to reside in senior living communities where they can enjoy their independence while having access to skilled nursing care. 

At Buckner, our skilled nursing communities in Texas are wonderful places for seniors to enjoy their golden years surrounded by their friends and other seniors. They will enjoy many activities and outings while getting the necessary care to lead a happy and full life. 

Benefits of Long-Term Skilled Nursing Care in Texas

Seniors can experience many amazing benefits by deciding to move into a senior living community that offers long-term retirement care. No longer will you have to worry about taking care of yard work or housekeeping duties. Plus, your friends and peers will be close by, so you can visit with them anytime you like. 

Many seniors fear moving into a senior living community and losing their freedom. What they don’t understand is that long-term retirement care can actually give them more freedom by helping them with daily needs to make things easier for them. With the right care, residents find they have more energy to be social and engage in activities they enjoy. Other benefits of long-term skilled nursing care in Texas include:

  • 24/7 care
  • Location transportation
  • Assistance with bathing, grooming, and dressing
  • Personalized care to help with any number of medical needs
  • Lower risk of accidents and trips to the hospital
  • Specialized therapy such as physical, speech, and occupational therapy
  • Increased social activity
  • Access to healthy and nutritious meals and meal plans based on any dietary restrictions

Buckner’s senior living communities provide long-term skilled nursing care in Texas with luxurious accommodations with access to 24/7 care. 

Buckner Retirement Services Offers Compassionate Skilled Nursing Care for Seniors

At Buckner Retirement Services, we offer skilled nursing care at all of our luxurious senior living communities. We offer multiple senior care options, including:

We will take the time to get to know you and your medical and lifestyle needs and find a continuum of care that will allow you to enjoy your golden years fully. To learn more about our skilled nursing care and other benefits of long-term retirement care, call 214.227.7182 today to speak with our friendly staff.


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