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A common struggle for many seniors is having access to reliable transportation for doctor visits, visiting family and friends, going to the grocery store, and running other errands. No one likes relying on family or friends for everyday needs like driving. It can feel like a burden and put a strain on relationships. Transportation for seniors is just one service available to residents in a senior living community. This and other lifestyle programs for seniors aim to improve the lives of senior adults during their sunset years. man riding bus

Buckner Retirement Services offers senior transportation in Texas to help residents at all of our senior living communities throughout Texas. We provide reliable transportation for seniors for any medical appointments or personal errands. Additionally, we provide transportation for fun activities throughout the community. For more information on our transportation for seniors and other lifestyle programs for seniors, call 214.227.7182 today to speak with our friendly staff. 

A Lack of Transportation Can Negatively Affect the Mental and Physical Health of Seniors

Isolation and loneliness can significantly reduce seniors’ mental and physical health. People naturally become more inactive as they age. Without reliable transportation, seniors cannot spend time with friends and get out of the house to play golf, visit friends, or participate in other activities. This lack of social interaction and physical activity can quickly lead to a decline in health. 

The more isolated seniors are, the more they will face health problems such as:

  • An increased risk of dementia
  • High blood pressure
  • Decreasing cognitive function
  • Depression

Feelings of isolation and loneliness can reduce a seniors’ willingness to live, rapidly reducing their lifespan. At Buckner Retirement Services, our senior transportation in Texas helps reduce the risk of isolation from friends and gives residents peace of mind knowing they have reliable transportation for medical visits, personal errands, and other transportation needs. 

Senior Transportation Services in Texas Are Beneficial 

Having access to reliable transportation is a convenience that everyone should be able to take advantage of, especially seniors who are either unable to drive safely or who want to forego the hassle of driving themselves everywhere. Our senior transportation services in Texas can be beneficial in more ways than you might think:

  • Reliable transportation – You won’t have to worry about maintaining a car or waiting for a car service or relative to pick you up. You will have access to modern and reliable transportation to get you to doctor’s visits, trips to the grocery stores, and emergency trips to the hospital if necessary.
  • A renewed sense of freedom – Having access to reliable transportation can help improve seniors’ moods, especially when they are no longer able to drive themselves. Knowing they can do the activities they enjoy doing without relying on anyone else can demonstrably improve their mental health. 
  • Lifting the burden on family or friends – No one likes having to ask for help, but the truth of aging is more help is necessary to maintain a certain quality of life. Having reliable transportation for seniors puts everyone in the family at ease, knowing they can get to wherever they need to go at any time of the day or night. 
  • Improved physical and mental health – Being able to enjoy favorite activities and spend time with friends is highly beneficial to your mental and physical health.

Look No Further for Senior Transportation Services in Texas than Buckner Retirement Services

Transportation for seniors is just one of many lifestyle services that Buckner Retirement Services provides residents in our senior living communities. Our goal is simple: to improve the lives of our residents by offering them reliable transportation. This is part of our Buckner Core Values, which include:

Call 214.227.7182 today to speak with our compassionate staff about our transportation for senior services and other lifestyle programs for seniors available at all of our senior living communities.