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3 Stimulating Activities for Seniors with Alzheimer’s

seniors put a puzzle together which is one of many activities for seniors with alzheimer's

If a loved one has Alzheimer’s, you may be concerned about maintaining their cognitive abilities for as long as possible. While every person with Alzheimer’s progresses differently, remaining active can help keep their mind sharp. Certain activities can help senior adults with Alzheimer’s maintain a higher level of mental acuity for longer. Senior memory living care provides specific services and activities to do this very thing.

Hobbies and pastimes like painting, reading, and going on outings are three beneficial things to do with someone with Alzheimer’s. Read on to learn why these activities are important or contact 214.227.7182 about the senior care options at Buckner Retirement Services.

Stimulating Activities for Seniors

1. Arts and Crafts

When it comes to activities for Alzheimer’s patients, it’s essential to engage their creativity and self-expression. Activities that call for creativity and expression can help keep the mind sharper and enhance cognitive skills. That’s why arts and crafts can be one of the best activities for seniors with Alzheimer’s.

Arts and crafts for senior adults can include all of the following and more:

  • Painting
  • Sculpting
  • Drawing
  • Woodworking
  • Watercolors

These activities will encourage senior adults to express themselves through a creative outlet, which stimulates specific cognitive abilities. Certain arts and crafts also require hand movements that can keep fine motor skills sharp.

To increase engagement, encourage senior adults to explain the meaning of their artwork. Explaining their art will help exercise their critical thinking and reasoning skills.

2. Reading

Reading and storytelling are essential, especially for senior adults with Alzheimer’s. Senior adults who regularly read may maintain a certain level of cognitive abilities and keep their mental acuity sharper. Reading is one of the more beneficial things to do with someone with Alzheimer’s.

Residents who are unable to read due to severe cognitive issues can benefit from being read to. A friend, family member, or caregiver can engage these residents by regularly reading stories to them.

To make an individual a more active participant, take an adult with Alzheimer’s to the library and encourage them to pick out the books they wish to have read to them. The senior living communities at Buckner Retirement Services have on-site libraries to help residents and their caregivers find reading materials.

3. Group Outings

It’s important for senior adults to remain active and interact with others, so group outings are an excellent choice for adults with Alzheimer’s. Getting out and spending time with their peers can help residents with cognitive concerns stay sharp and maintain a certain mental acuity level.

Group activities for Alzheimer’s patients can be conducted in a way that is safe and supervised with professional caregivers present. These outings may include spending time at a local park or stopping for a treat at an ice cream parlor. These types of activities for seniors with Alzheimer’s stimulate a positive attitude and foster personal relationships between residents.

Activities for Seniors with Alzheimer’s at Buckner Retirement Services

Do you have a loved one struggling with Alzheimer’s disease? Navigating this condition can be difficult, but it helps keep your friend or family member active and engaged. Buckner Retirement Services offers special activities for Alzheimer’s patients to keep their cognitive abilities sharper and slow the progression of their condition.

We have senior living options throughout Texas, including both assisted and independent living. Our facilities offer services like art classes, library access, and various recreational activities. We also provide group outings that allow residents to connect with their neighbors and maintain an active lifestyle, even with an Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

To learn more about programs for senior adults with Alzheimer’s disease at Buckner Retirement Services, contact 214.227.7182.