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Common Checklist for Moving Seniors

senior couple packing and reviewing checklist for moving

Starting your new life in senior independent living in Texas can be exciting but overwhelming. Once you have found your new senior living home, it is time to begin the work of moving. Here, you will find a checklist for moving seniors to help guide you through the process, whether you are a senior relocating to a new community or a loved one helping your parents move into their retirement home.

At Buckner Retirement Services, we understand that moving into a senior living community, or any move at all, can be a lot of work. We are here to help make the process go as smoothly as possible with resources such as the senior moving checklist found below. Reach out to us today at 214.227.7182 if you have any questions about your move into our beautiful Texas senior living communities.

Senior Moving Checklist: A Timeline to Help Your Move Go Smoother

It is generally recommended that you begin solidifying the details of your move approximately two months ahead of time. Allowing plenty of time to prepare for your move can help make the whole process less stressful. Here are some tasks to add to your checklist for moving:

Two months before your move

  • Ask about move-in restrictions at your new senior living community. Some communities limit the hours or times of day that moving may occur to ensure residents enjoy the peace and quiet in the evening and early morning hours.
  • Choose a move-in date and time that works for you and your new community.
  • Declutter your belongings. The fewer items you have, the lower the cost of the move. It is good to sort through your things before you call moving companies to get a more accurate quote.
  • Get quotes from moving companies. If you need help with packing, you may wish to find a company that offers those services. Once you decide on a moving company, book them as soon as possible to secure your desired moving date.
  • If you are doing your packing, gather supplies such as boxes, bubble wrap, and packing tape. Packing a little each day can make the process less daunting than saving it all for the last few days before your move. Remember to start packing non-essentials first, so you do not mistakenly pack something you need before moving.
  • Contact your homeowner’s insurance company about updating your policy.
  • Submit a change of address with the post office.

One month before your move

  • Update your address with your credit cards, Social Security, insurances, doctors, banks, and any other important bills or people in your life.
  • Call your utility companies to schedule a transfer or disconnection of services.
  • Use the dimensions of your new home to help you determine where each piece of furniture will go. If you are downsizing, you may need to consider selling or donating furniture that will not fit the new living space.

One week before your move

  • Set aside boxes, duffle bags, or suitcases for items you use daily that you cannot pack until the day of the move.
  • Ensure to dispose of any items that are not getting moved to your new home.
  • Reach out to the moving company to confirm the date and time for the move.

The final days

  • Keep daily use items in easy-to-find locations. Label them if possible.
  • Keep tools handy for assembling or disassembling furniture.
  • Do a sweep of all rooms to ensure nothing is left behind.
  • Check the weather for the day of the move. Prepare accordingly with plenty of water, snacks, weather-appropriate clothing, and shoes to keep you safe and comfortable during the move.

Buckner Retirement Services: Premier Senior Independent Living in Texas

If you need more tips in addition to this checklist for moving seniors, reach out to Buckner Retirement Services at 214.227.7182. We are here to help you through the exciting and sometimes overwhelming process of moving into your new senior home.