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Finding a Senior Independent Living Facility

a group in one of many senior independent living facilities

The population of Texas continues to grow significantly, with many senior adults choosing to relocate to the Lone Star State in their retirement. There are millions of Texans who are over the age of 65, which is the prime age when people begin exploring their options for living in senior independent living facilities. The need for independent living facilities for seniors has increased, and there has been a concurrent increase in the number of options in most major cities throughout the state.

While many options exist throughout Texas, the wide array of options can make it difficult to figure out which community is best for your specific needs. Call Buckner Retirement Services at 214.227.7182 to learn more about independent living for seniors and our communities in Texas. Our independent living services can help you maintain your lifestyle while still enjoying additional care that takes the pressure off of day-to-day life. Don’t hesitate to reach out today and start living the best life possible in your golden years.

What Is a Senior Independent Living Facility?

Senior independent living facilities are designed for older adults who can live independently but need some additional support in their daily lives. These communities provide senior adults with safe, comfortable, and secure apartments or homes where they can live alone. These facilities may include amenities such as recreation centers, fitness rooms, and housekeeping services. They usually offer seniors social engagement opportunities through activities, classes, and outings.

While senior independent living facilities are not nursing homes or assisted living communities, they do offer some services that can help seniors in day-to-day life. These services typically include:

  • Housekeeping
  • Daily meals
  • Security
  • Regular health check-ups from visiting nurses or doctors

Some independent living communities also provide transportation for medical appointments and other errands or social gatherings. The staff at these facilities often provide crucial companionship for residents who may be socially isolated.

A senior independent living facility can be an excellent option for seniors who value their independence while still having access to the essential care they need to stay healthy and safe. Seniors are able to maintain their independence without compromising their safety or quality of life.

Is Independent Living Right for Me?

When you choose to enter a senior living community, there is a spectrum of care based on the needs of the residents. From memory care to independent living, options exist for almost every possible situation. You may want to consider joining an independent living community if most of the following statements are true:

  • I want to have more contact with other seniors
  • I plan to take part in more social activities in my community
  • I would appreciate additional security
  • I like being able to reach out to staff for emergencies
  • I can live without daily assistance
  • My privacy and independence are important to me
  • I don’t want to maintain a bigger home

Finding Independent Living Facilities for Seniors

When you begin considering independent living communities, it’s a good idea to evaluate the pros and cons like any other type of housing. Ask yourself what amenities are more important or not so important so that you can find a facility or community that meets your unique needs. Some factors to consider include:

  • Location – A community that is near friends and family members makes it easier for them to visit.
  • Security – The best senior living communities have on-site security, as well as staff members who can provide medical attention in case of emergencies.
  • Hospitality – Staff members should be courteous and greet both residents and visitors warmly.
  • Wellness and enrichment – The community social calendar should have a wide variety of activities and gatherings from which you can choose.
  • Support services – Housekeeping, laundry, and dining options may be important, as well as non-medical home care and transportation services.
  • Property maintenance – Properties should be clean and well-maintained, with ample lighting and safety features for residents with mobility issues.
  • Affordable pricing – The base cost should be clear and well-explained, with a list of additional care services and accompanying pricing information.

Contact Buckner for an Independent Living Community in Texas

If you or a loved one have been looking for a good independent living community in Texas, then Buckner Retirement Services has options for you. For more information, contact us at 214.227.7182 to speak to our knowledgeable staff, who can answer any questions you may have regarding our available facilities.