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How to Approach Senior Care for Parents

son talking about senior care for parents

Is it time for your parents to consider senior care options in Texas? If you have been thinking about senior care for parents, you may be wondering how to talk to your parents about it. Below, you will find tips for talking about senior care options.

At Buckner Retirement Services, we understand that each senior has a different vision for their retirement lifestyle. Some may enjoy living among peers with activities and services designed for their needs, while others may feel more comfortable aging in place or moving in with family members. If you have had a talk with your parents about their senior care options, consider one of our beautiful Texas senior communities for their new home. Reach us at 214.227.7182 for more information and schedule a tour.

How to Talk About Senior Care for Parents

For some adult children, moving their parents into a senior living community is simple. Their parents are interested in the lifestyle provided by a community designed for people aged 55 and up, and they look forward to making a move.

For others, the task is much more difficult. Their parents may be in denial about needing a higher level of care, and they do not want to move out of their family home. Some adult children may even be anxious about bringing up in a senior living community.

Here are some suggestions to help you start the discussion about senior care for parents:

  • Consider your parents’ needs in their senior years and how a retirement community can fulfill them. These will be important points to discuss, so your parents understand how making a move will benefit them.
  • Anticipate what may make your parents hesitant to move into a senior living community. If they are concerned about their budget, research affordable senior housing options to share with them. If they are concerned about losing their independence, show them senior communities designed for active seniors and independent living.
  • Try to discuss senior care options first before your parent experiences an injury or illness that leaves them needing extra help. This can alleviate a sense of urgency and give them time to warm up to the idea of senior living.
  • Assure your parents that they will be involved in choosing the senior living community. It will ease their mind to know that they will be actively involved in the decision.

One of the most important things to remember when discussing senior living for parents is to stay positive. Senior communities are more desirable than ever, so point out all the amenities and services that your parents would most enjoy.

How to Know When You Need Senior Living for Parents

If your parents are resistant to moving into a senior living community, you may have put off having the conversation about senior care options. Consider the following signs that your parents need the additional assistance of a senior living facility:

  • They need assistance with daily activities like shopping, cooking, and cleaning.
  • Have limited mobility due to an injury or medical condition.
  • They no longer drive and do not have access to public transportation.
  • They are having frequent accidents in the home.

Moving into a senior living community can bring you and your parents’ peace of mind. These communities may provide security, medical assistance, meals, help with household chores and maintenance, and socialization. You will no longer need to worry about handling these tasks for your parents, nor will you be concerned that they may be injured at home alone. Moving into a senior living community is the best choice for many seniors.

Buckner Retirement Services: Offering a Full Range of Senior Care Options in Texas

Choosing the right senior care options is easy when selecting Buckner Retirement Services for your new home. We operate six locations throughout Texas, offering a full continuum of care to meet the needs of all seniors. To schedule a tour of one of our beautiful senior living communities, contact us at 214.227.7182.