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What to Do If Your Senior Parent Has Been Diagnosed with Dementia

a person talks to a senior parent with dementia

It can be challenging to provide care to a senior parent, regardless of the circumstances. Senior adults with full mobility and cognitive ability often need help with day-to-day life. Caring for senior parents with dementia can be even more demanding and stressful, especially for family members who do not have a medical background in senior care. Knowing how to deal with a dementia diagnosis and how to properly care for your loved one is key to allowing them to enjoy their golden years.

Dementia is a condition that affects millions of Americans each year, putting a strain not only on the seniors with the disease but also on the caregivers. With a senior memory care program, your loved one can get the proper support to manage the symptoms of dementia. At Buckner Retirement Services, our compassionate and skilled team members have a wealth of experience in providing care for seniors with dementia. Get in touch with us at 214.227.7182 to learn more about our various programs and opportunities to give your loved one a rich, full life.

What to Do About a Dementia Diagnosis

The first step in helping a loved one with dementia is understanding the condition. It’s a good idea to take some time to educate yourself on the type of dementia they have, the symptoms they may experience, and the various treatments available. This will not only help you better understand their situation, but it will also give you ideas on how best to provide support and care.

Throughout this process, it is important not to lose hope or patience. As dementia progresses, your loved one may become increasingly confused or frustrated as they try to communicate or complete tasks that used to be easy for them. As caretakers, remaining patient and understanding during these times is critical, even if it means repeating yourself or going more slowly than usual.

Tips When Caring for Senior Parents with Dementia

It can be challenging to know what to do when one of your parents has dementia, but there are things you can do to support them and help them through this difficult time. Some tips on how you can provide comfort and care for someone with dementia include:

Create a Safe Environment

It’s important to create an environment that is safe for your senior parent. This may involve some lifestyle changes, especially for seniors that were more active before the diagnosis. Some of the main steps can involve:

  • Removing any potential hazards from around the house, such as loose rugs or sharp objects that could lead to accidents or falls
  • Making sure medications are stored safely
  • Locking doors and windows to prevent wandering outside unsupervised
  • Setting reminders for mealtime and medication

Make Time for Yourself

Caring for someone with dementia is emotionally draining work, and it’s important that the caretakers are allowed to have time to themselves as well. A caregiver who is overwhelmed by their responsibilities is much more likely to make critical mistakes in care, and caretaker burnout often results in mental health conditions such as anxiety or depression. It is difficult, if not impossible, to provide care for someone in such a scenario.

Seek Professional Help

If necessary, it may be a good course of action to seek out professional resources such as senior care facilities where trained professionals can provide additional assistance in caring for a senior parent. The professionals at these care facilities receive special training to know what to expect after a dementia diagnosis and how to respond to their residents with patience and compassion. In addition, these senior living communities can provide activities, food, and routines tailored to seniors with dementia.

Explore Senior Memory Care at Buckner Retirement Services

Many seniors who receive a dementia diagnosis are able to live many healthy years. However, that doesn’t mean that it all falls to the family to care for their senior parent, as senior memory care can also be a good option if there is a need for around-the-clock monitoring and a secure environment. At Buckner Retirement Services, our highly skilled staff members are ready and willing to help. We strive to give all our community members the opportunities to live their fullest life in a safe and comfortable environment while accounting for their unique needs and wants. You can contact us at 214.227.7182 to learn more about what we can do for your senior parent.