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5 Signs of Depression in Seniors

a senior talks to a therapist about depression in seniors

Depression can hit at any age, but depression in older adults may be more difficult to spot. Depression in seniors doesn’t necessarily make them feel sad; they may just feel a loss of energy that they may assume is due to their age. However, they are more susceptible to falling into depression, and their mental health can negatively impact their physical health as well. Whether someone has depression or is at risk of developing depression, enrolling them in lifestyle programs may positively impact their mental state.

At Buckner, we offer lifestyle programs to enhance the lives of our residents. Seniors benefit from our programs through increased social engagement, spiritual enrichment, and improved health through increased activity. If you believe that your elderly loved one may benefit from our services, contact us at 214.227.7182 today to learn more.

What Are the 5 Signs of Depression in Seniors?

As people get older, they often go through significant life events that can put them at an increased risk for depression. Health problems, loneliness, and bereavements are a few examples of life changes that can trigger depression. A decline in their mental health may contribute to a decline in their physical health, as well. That is why it is important to watch out for these signs of depression:

  1. Feelings of sadness, hopelessness, helplessness, or worthlessness
  2. Aggravated aches and pains, which are sometimes unexplained
  3. Changes in appetite, which may lead to weight gain or weight loss
  4. Lack of motivation and decreased energy, even for socializing or pleasurable activities
  5. Restlessness, irritability, and difficulty sleeping

The presence of depression has been shown to reduce a senior’s ability to recuperate from an illness while also increasing the likelihood of death. Depression may also increase the risk of a heart attack. It is important to treat seniors for depression and to seek proper evaluation and treatment.

How Can You Help a Senior with Depression?

If a senior adult is going through depression, it is important to get the proper medical care to make sure they can manage their symptoms. While some seniors may be resistant to the diagnosis, it is important to give them support and encouragement in order for them to take steps to be happy and healthy once more.

Apart from seeking medical treatment and administering prescribed medications, there are other ways for someone to help their elderly loved one who is suffering from depression. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Ensure that they are getting the proper nutrition by planning and preparing healthy meals.
  • Invite them to participate in physical activities, like a walk around their neighborhood or to a park.
  • Make sure that they are getting adequate rest every night.
  • Suggest activities that can provide mental or physical stimulation, like table games, going to the movies, or yoga for seniors.
  • Schedule social activities with family or friends. They may also benefit from socializing with their peers at a local senior center.

Keeping a senior adult healthy and stimulated can help alleviate or prevent the onset of depression. There are various programs that are catered for senior adults that ensure that they can safely participate. These are also excellent venues for seniors to expand their social circle, which can decrease feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Begin One of Many Lifestyle Programs for Seniors in Texas

Leading an active, connected life is the best way for a senior adult to combat loneliness and depression. Enrolling in a lifestyle program can provide a community of like-minded peers that can help ease depression in seniors and enrich their lifestyles.

At Buckner, we are committed to providing seniors with full, vibrant lives by staying social and active. Our lifestyle programs offer a wide variety of educational and recreational activities that can appeal to anyone’s interests and preferences. Buckner helps elderly adults pursue their passions at any age. Contact us at 214.227.7182 to get started.