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Do Retirement Communities Have Transportation Services?

seniors get on a bus after asking Do Retirement Communities Have Transportation Services?

As they age, seniors often give up their cars. Either they are not safe drivers anymore, or they are trying to downsize and simplify their lives as well as save money. But being able to get around is as important as ever. Mobility prevents isolation and depression in seniors. Retirement communities often provide senior transportation services to help their residents get to appointments, go shopping, or experience outings and excursions with others.

Learn more about how Buckner Retirement Services enables our residents at all our facilities in Texas to maintain their mobility out in the community, keep appointments, and engage fully in life by having access to retirement transportation services. Reach out today by calling 214.227.7182 or filling out our easy online form to connect with one of our staff.

Do Retirement Communities Have Transportation Services?

The answer to this question is yes. Some very small retirement organizations cannot guarantee transportation services due to the low number of residents. However, many retirement communities do provide senior transportation services. At some, it is fee-based; at others, medical appointment transport is included, and other transportation is based on a fee, but at Buckner, transportation services are already included.

Whether your parent wants to go into town to shop, see a movie, or has a medical appointment to get to, Buckner’s senior transportation services in Texas will get them where they need to go.

Why Is Retirement Transportation Important?

Having the mobility that transportation services make possible is a matter of quality of life for seniors. With available transport, senior adults can maintain their feelings of independence and develop and maintain both relationships and a range of interests.

Some benefits of accessible transportation include:

  • Prevention of isolation – Seniors who are inactive and have little or no access to the outside world are at high risk of social isolation and the consequences that come with that, including mental and physical health issues. When older adults are confident that they can get out and about, shop, meet friends, make their medical appointments, and do fun activities like museum visits, ball games, or concerts in the park, they have better quality of life and mental health outcomes.
  • Reduced stress – It is stressful enough to juggle medical appointments and holiday shopping when you have a car in your garage, but when you depend on others to take you to and fro, it can be anxiety-inducing. Knowing there will be available retirement transportation services reduces or eliminates that particular stressor. Reducing stress—which is a risk factor in several illnesses or health symptoms from heart disease and hypertension to joint inflammation and headaches—is one of our goals at Buckner.
  • Independence – A cause of depression or other mental health challenges for seniors is dealing with the loss of independence. The more we can eliminate those feelings by providing reliable retirement transportation, the better. As your parents cope with the changes brought about by aging, including health concerns, loss of meaningful work, the absence of friends and family nearby, and more, they should not have to fear being stranded and never being able to go anywhere when they want to. Transportation at their fingertips helps them feel independent and stay active.

Buckner provides senior transportation services in Texas at all our sites. Learn more by speaking with one of our staff.

Reach Out to Buckner Today about Senior Transportation Services

Whether your family member is unable to drive due to cognitive impairment, disability, vision or hearing loss, or the slowed reflexes that come with aging, there is a way to take the sting out of the loss of vehicular freedom. Buckner offers comprehensive transportation to our residents in all six communities. Learn more by calling us at 214.227.7182 or submitting this form.