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How Will My Senior Parent Get to the Doctor in a Retirement Community?

a nurse talks with a patient about taking a senior to the doctor

When your parent is in a retirement community, it is natural for you to worry about the day-to-day situations that may arise and cause stress. Whether planned or unplanned, a trip to the doctor can be one of these situations, and it is important that you and your parent are reassured that, whenever necessary, transportation to and from their medical appointments is always available. Senior transportation services are integral to the care provided by Buckner Retirement Services.

Aging adults recall that not long ago, they were driving themselves everywhere they needed and wanted to go. Not only that, others depended on them to provide transportation, whether it was taking you to school or carpooling to work with colleagues. Now, they must depend on others. Asking for help may not be easy for your mom or dad. They don’t want to feel helpless or dependent. At Buckner, we make sure that regular transportation is reliable—just a natural part of what we provide. Taking a senior to a doctor appointment is simple and routine. To learn more about our transportation services, reach out to us today by calling 214.227.7182.

Taking a Senior to the Doctor

The goal of senior living communities is to help aging adults live independently and with as few obstacles as possible when it comes to getting things accomplished. Medical appointments happen with more frequency as people age, and if transportation is difficult, costly, or even impossible to secure, the stress can be significant. At Buckner, we pride ourselves on ensuring that transportation challenges are not something our residents must deal with.

All of our senior living communities in Texas provide transportation to physicians’ offices for routine and follow-up visits, as well as trips to specialists or to a hospital for tests or treatments.

The Benefits of Senior Transportation Services

As one of your parent’s circle of support, you have a vested interest in making sure your mother or father receives good care. But you may have a family to care for, a job that demands your time and focus, and other obligations that make the juggling act difficult. Transporting a senior to the doctor may sometimes be the one extra thing that is hard to fit in. Even if you normally try to accompany your loved one to the doctor, you simply may not be able to every time. Knowing that Buckner’s commitments to our residents and their families include taking a senior to a doctor’s appointment, you can feel reassured that nothing important, like your parent’s health, will be overlooked. Some other good reasons to have reliable senior transportation services include:

  • A senior’s mood is often at the mercy of how trapped or helpless they feel. At Buckner, our goal is for our residents to breathe easy and feel that sense of freedom that comes with knowing they will never miss a doctor’s appointment.
  • Even though they know you want to help, they also do not want to be a burden. Knowing they will always have reliable transport to the doctor puts them—and you—at ease.
  • Taking a senior to a doctor appointment is easy for our transport team. Our residents know that and can relax without having to worry about it, freeing up time to spend with friends and engage in their favorite pastimes, both of which enhance their quality of life as well as their mental and physical well-being.

Whether it’s a routine trip to the doctor or an emergency visit to the hospital, our residents are covered.

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When people age, not being able to own a car and drive themselves to appointments and activities can feel tremendously limiting and lead to depression and isolation. At Buckner, we value the vitality of our residents and want them to live their best lives. Providing transportation to the doctor is a basic service that we guarantee to everyone in our care.

Call Buckner Retirement Services today to have your questions about transportation services answered by one of our staff. It’s easy to connect with us. Just dial 214.227.7182 or use this online form.