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Exploring Transportation Options in Senior Living

a senior rides a bus, one of the Transportation Options in Senior Living

Driving becomes increasingly difficult for seniors. Access to safe, reliable transportation options in senior living is one of the most important services these communities can provide. There are many options for transportation services in senior living communities, including private transportation companies, volunteer driver programs, and resident-operated shuttles.

By providing transportation to our residents, Buckner helps seniors maintain more of their independence while keeping them safer. Our staff is trained to accommodate those with mobility or cognitive impairments and can assist when needed. This allows our residents to maintain their social connections, stay active, and attend appointments without having to rely on family members or public transportation. Learn more about our senior living transportation services by calling 214.227.7182.

Why Do Seniors Need Transportation Options?

As people age, their physical and cognitive abilities may decline, making it more difficult to drive. According to one study, drivers aged 70 and older have higher crash death rates per mile driven than middle-aged drivers. This is due to a variety of factors, such as vision changes, slower reaction time, and increased susceptibility to certain medical conditions.

Additionally, many seniors may not have access to a car or may be unable to afford one. Public transportation can also be challenging for seniors with mobility issues or who live in areas with limited options.

Having reliable transportation options in senior living communities can greatly improve the quality of life for residents by providing them with independence and freedom.

Types of Transportation Options in Senior Living

Community Shuttles

Community shuttles are a common feature in senior living communities. These shuttles provide scheduled trips to various destinations, such as:

  • Shopping centers – Regular trips to grocery stores and shopping malls for errands and leisure.
  • Recreational activities – Transport to recreational centers, parks, and other local attractions.
  • Community events – Shuttle services to and from community events and social gatherings.

Groups of seniors can plan their outings together, making it a social activity while also providing transportation.

Personal Transportation Services

Personal transportation services cater to individual needs, offering flexibility and convenience. These services include:

  • Private cars – Access to private vehicles driven by trained staff for personalized transport.
  • Ride-sharing – Utilization of ride-sharing platforms tailored for seniors.

While they may not be as popular as community shuttles, personal transportation services can benefit seniors who require specialized assistance or have specific mobility needs.

Medical Transportation

Specialized medical transportation services are essential for ensuring timely access to healthcare. These services include:

  • Scheduled medical transport – Organized trips to medical appointments, treatments, and therapy sessions.
  • Emergency medical transport – Availability of transport for urgent medical needs.

Senior living communities that offer medical transportation services provide peace of mind for residents and their families.

Buckner Provides Transportation for Residents

At Buckner’s senior living communities in Texas, we offer a variety of transportation options for our residents. Our trained staff is available to assist with all transportation needs, including helping seniors get in and out of vehicles and keeping track of appointments.

Independence and security are two of the core principles that guide our services, and providing reliable transportation options for our residents is one way we uphold those principles. We believe that seniors should have the freedom to go where they want when they want, and our transportation services help make that possible.

Call Buckner Retirement Services Today

If you or a loved one is considering senior living options, transportation services should be an important factor to consider. At Buckner Retirement Services, we prioritize the safety and well-being of our residents and offer a variety of transportation options to help them maintain their independence and stay connected with their community.

Contact us online today or at 214.227.7182 to find out how we support residents in our six Texas communities.