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How to Seek Senior Living for Couples

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Many people choose to go into senior living facilities once they lose their spouse — the socialization opportunities in these communities are crucial when you live alone in your senior years. However, you do not have to live alone to enjoy senior independent living in Texas. Some people are interested in seeking senior living options earlier in life with their partners. Finding the right senior community for couples can help you both get the most enjoyment out of your golden years together.

At Buckner Retirement Services, we offer a range of senior living options suitable for couples. We have a full array of amenities and activities that you and your partner will enjoy. The spacious homes in our beautifully landscaped communities will provide the perfect setting for your retirement together. Reach out to us today at 214.227.7182 to learn more about our senior housing options and schedule a tour.

Tips for Finding Senior Living for Couples

Senior living facilities come in various housing options, including apartments, condominiums, and houses for singles, roommates, or couples. Some senior housing is reserved specifically for people living independently and may consist of smaller units. When you seek senior living options for couples, it is important to find housing with enough room for you to live there together comfortably.

Here are some tips for finding the right senior housing for couples:

  • Look for senior living communities that offer detached homes for the most personal space and privacy.
  • For optimal affordability, consider one-bedroom apartments. Since there will be two of you, you may wish to find apartments on the larger side.
  • If you have a passion for gardening or enjoy sitting and relaxing outside, you may prefer an attached or detached senior home. These are more likely to provide you with your backyard or porch space.

When you downsize from your family home to a senior living community, it is important to consider the type of living space that allows you to continue doing the things you love. Arrange a virtual or in-person tour to explore the floor plan and outdoor area.

Challenges When Seeking Senior Living Options for Couples

It can be more challenging when looking for senior living options for couples rather than individuals. You require a space suitable for two and must consider the needs of both people. Here are some challenges that may arise when you are seeking senior living options for couples and how to overcome them:

  • If you need to sleep separately due to insomnia, snoring, or other issues, look for two-bedroom senior homes. Another option is having each partner get a one-bedroom apartment so that you can live in the same community but have your own separate space.
  • If you need different levels of care, it can be tricky to find a senior living community that accommodates both. Some communities are designed specifically for independent senior living and may not work well for someone who needs assisted living or memory care. One way to address this concern is choosing a continuing care retirement community (CCRC), perfect for couples needing different care levels since it provides a full continuum of care.
  • If couples have different interests or abilities, the activities provided within the community will make a difference in your overall happiness and enjoyment. To enjoy an active senior lifestyle, choose communities with plenty of health and fitness amenities and social activities. If one partner has limited mobility, it is important to find a community that offers activities they can participate in.

Although it may be more challenging to find a senior living community that works well for both partners, it can be done. Using the tips above can help you find the right senior living for couples so you and your partner can enjoy your senior years to the fullest.

Buckner Retirement Services: Luxury Senior Living for Couples

Buckner Retirement Services offers a full range of senior living options for couples interested in making the most of their retirement together. You and your partner will feel truly pampered in our communities, from premium dining services to a full calendar of engaging activities. Call us today at 214.227.7182 to schedule a tour that will have you ready to call Buckner your new home.