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What Are Independent Communities?

senior woman sitting on her couch and enjoying living in her Independent communities

Some people associate senior living communities with seniors in the late stages of retirement who require a lot of care and support. While those services certainly exist for seniors who need them, today, seniors are opting into independent living very early in retirement. The benefits of independent living are many. For one, it takes the worry and hassles out of day-to-day tasks like cooking and cleaning. It also provides opportunities to socialize and meet new friends, which can help keep your mind sharp and reduce feelings of loneliness or isolation.

And, if you need more support down the road, most independent living communities offer a continuum of care that includes assisted living and memory care services. Independent living allows seniors to maintain their active lifestyles without worrying about the responsibilities of living in a family home. Contact us today by calling 214.227.7182 to learn more about independent communities with Buckner Retirement Services.

Key Features of Senior Independent Living Communities

Independent communities are for seniors who want to stay active and social but are looking for more convenience than living in a traditional home can offer. These independent living communities offer seniors the privacy of their own space, from one-bedroom apartments to entire homes. However, they are only steps away from professional staff, on-site dining, and endless opportunities to socialize and explore new hobbies. Independent communities are designed to offer modern conveniences for seniors who do not need much day-to-day support. They allow seniors the flexibility to be as involved in the community as they want.

Benefits of Independent Communities

One of the reasons seniors are joining independent communities earlier and earlier is the many benefits of transitioning to senior living. When seniors move in, they are immediately a part of the community and can take full advantage of everything it offers.

Opportunities for Connection

One of the primary benefits of independent communities is the opportunity for connection and socialization. Residents live in a close-knit community with peers with common interests and diverse life experiences. Independent communities offer opportunities for organic connection through comfortable common spaces where residents can meet and socialize. They also offer organized activities, including workout classes, game nights, and other social events. Staying social is a critical part of overall wellness. Getting adequate amounts of social activity is easy in independent communities.


Senior independent living communities offer a variety of amenities that make life easy and enjoyable for residents. On-site amenities reduce chores and transportation and allow residents to have fun and relax—all just steps away from home. Examples of amenities offered include:

  • Spa
  • Library
  • Housekeeping services
  • Recreational programs
  • Educational programs
  • Dining services
  • Snacks
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Arts and crafts

Residents can choose which activities to participate in and which amenities to take advantage of. They manage their schedule and can enjoy services at their leisure.


Retirement should be a time for relaxation, fun, and exploring new activities and hobbies. Keeping up with day-to-day chores required when living in a traditional family home can feel like a full-time job. From grocery shopping to landscaping to home maintenance, chores can eat up valuable retirement time. Seniors have worked hard to reach retirement and may not want to spend their time on chores and home upkeep. This is one of the many reasons seniors opt for independent living communities. Amenities like on-site dining and services like landscaping and security take some of this responsibility off residents’ plates, leaving more time for the things they enjoy.

Find Your Independent Living Community with Buckner Retirement Services

When you choose an independent living community with Buckner Retirement Services, you’ll have access to luxury accommodations and member programming that you won’t find at any other senior community. Residents enjoy spacious living quarters, top-of-the-line amenities, and conveniences that allow them more time to enjoy retirement. Call us today at 214.227.7182 to learn more about the independent living communities at Buckner Retirement Services.