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What to Do When Your Senior Parent Is Refusing Care

an adult child has a tense conversation with a senior parent, an example of seniors refusing care

As people get older, changes happen to many different aspects of their lifestyle, some of which may have been habits that they have had since their youth. This may lead to a loss of identity and an urge to stubbornly cling to the way of life they have grown accustomed to. Trying to convince seniors refusing care that they would be well taken care of in a thriving community can be difficult. However, there is a point in time where moving into a senior living community like those offered by Buckner Retirement Services may be the best choice to make.

At Buckner, we are committed to providing not just the best possible level of care to our residents, but we aim to enrich their lives through our various programs, events, and amenities. Residents in our luxury communities enjoy active and vibrant lifestyles surrounded by a close-knit community of friends and neighbors. If you are looking for a place for your elderly loved ones to spend their golden years, contact us at 214.227.7182 to learn more about what we can offer.

Is Your Parent Refusing Senior Living Care?

It may be difficult to accept when the time has come for an elderly loved one to move to a senior living facility. However, it is a decision that someone may need to make for their senior parent, especially in the following situations:

  • Clinical symptoms of aging or medical diseases are starting to affect their quality of life.
  • Their safety is at risk due to frequent injuries or neglected nutrition and hygiene.
  • They are finding it difficult to accomplish daily domestic tasks such as cooking or cleaning.
  • They are showing signs of depression that may be caused by isolation and loneliness.

The idea of moving to a senior living facility may be met with resistance. Our identities are closely tied to our independence and productivity. Parents may feel that the suggestion to move to a senior community signifies that they are unwanted or undervalued. Their sense of pride and control is threatened by the idea that their children are saying that they are incapable of taking care of themselves. This, along with other unwanted physical changes that stem from aging, may lead them to feel frustrated, frightened, helpless, or misunderstood.

If your senior parent is refusing senior living care, it is important to approach the situation with love and patience. Empathy and understanding can go a long way toward improving communication in order to arrive at a solution that is acceptable for all parties involved.

How to Talk to Seniors Refusing Care

If you are finding it difficult to discuss senior living options with your elderly loved ones, try the strategies below in order to help them reconsider the idea:

  • Understand their motivations and respect their autonomy – Approach the conversation from their point of view and make sure that their feelings are being taken into account. Build trust by listening to their reasons for resisting the move.
  • Focus on the benefits of moving into a senior community and not the restrictions to their independence – Good senior living facilities offer a wide variety of amenities and services that they wouldn’t be able to enjoy in their current living arrangements. Moving to a senior community will also provide the opportunity to make new friends among neighbors that are at the same stage in life.
  • Be persistent, but don’t force a decision – It may be better, especially for those whose parents are in cognitive decline, not to bombard elderly loved ones with too much information in one conversation. Be prepared to discuss the matter multiple times before any sort of plan can be put in place.
  • Seek the help of others, such as your parent’s physician, friends, or other relatives – This also shows them that the decision is a matter of importance to those that care about them and their well-being.
  • Present options in order to give your elderly loved ones the freedom to choose – Show them that their concerns have been taken into account and that there can be a middle ground between what each party wants to achieve. Perhaps it is possible to start at a lower level of care until they are more comfortable with the changes that need to be made.

When speaking with your elderly loved ones about moving into a senior living facility, it is important to express that you are coming from a place of love and concern. Seniors refusing care is not uncommon, but with patience and understanding, they may be more open to exploring options.

Buckner Offers Senior Living Services in Texas

Here at Buckner Retirement Services, we believe that age is never a hindrance to leading a vibrant and rewarding life. We offer many different senior living options to cater to each resident’s individual needs. If you believe that your elderly loved one’s life can be enriched by moving into a senior community, contact us at 214.227.7182 to schedule a visit.