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When Is It Time to Move Into a Retirement Home?

two seniors laugh in a retirement home in Dallas, Texas

For most seniors, many factors go into making a decision to move to a senior living community. It may be difficult for them to leave the family home, which has a lot of fond memories. However, at a certain point in time, seniors and their families must decide if it is time to move into a retirement home. Though some people choose to make this move at a younger age, the large majority of senior adults transition into a senior living community between the ages of 75 and 84. If you are looking for a retirement home in Dallas, Texas, Buckner Retirement Services offers a variety of senior living options to suit your needs.

Buckner aims to provide our residents with rich life experiences and the best possible care. We offer different living options that suit our residents’ different medical requirements, including a wide variety of therapies to help keep them in good health. Apart from this, our luxury pet-friendly community also boasts services and amenities to give our residents vibrant, active, and fulfilling lives in their twilight years. If you are interested in becoming part of our community, contact us at 214.227.7182 today to learn more.

When Is It Time to Move into a Retirement Home?

There are many different senior living options based on the level of care that a resident may need. While a lot of people consider a retirement home as a last resort, it is best to move into one before they have no other choice.

A senior’s living conditions need not be untenable or dangerous before they decide to move into a senior living community. Here are a few signs that suggest that it may be time to move into a retirement home:

  • If a senior has had an accident or is in poor health and would benefit from supervision and access to medical assistance
  • If they have limited mobility or function, which makes them dependent on assistance in order to go through their day
  • If a senior is unwilling or unable to attend to their personal hygiene or nutrition (i.e., if they are too tired to go grocery shopping or to cook properly nutritious meals)
  • If they can no longer, or no longer wish to, keep up with the upkeep of their residence, such as cleaning, lawn work, laundry, or small residential repairs
  • If they want to live in a community of people in their age group and attend social activities in order to make new connections

Living in a senior community may encourage residents to lead more active and social lives due to the accessibility of amenities and various peer groups. This can lead to senior adults living independently for a longer amount of time.

How to Prepare for Moving into a Retirement Home in Dallas, Texas

Once someone decides to transition into a senior living community, they can prepare to make the move as seamless and stress-free as possible. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when preparing to move into a retirement home:

  • Choose a senior living facility that suits personal preferences, needs, and lifestyles.
  • If possible, avoid peak moving seasons in spring and summer in order to cut down costs.
  • Once a schedule is confirmed, check the availability of people that can help them move. These can be family members, friends, or professional moving services.
  • Choose which items will be moved to the new home. This often involves downsizing in order to fit into the new living space. Be sure to make room for the most important possessions.
  • Transfer any existing prescriptions to ensure uninterrupted access to medications.
  • If possible, fill in any required paperwork before the move in order to minimize stress on moving day.
  • Let the seniors get to know their future neighborhood and neighbors by visiting the community before the move.

Buckner Offers Retirement Communities in Dallas, Texas

Moving into a senior living community is a huge life change and should be undertaken with preparation and careful consideration. Be sure to choose a community that offers services and programs that can provide a healthy, relaxing, and stimulating environment for seniors. At Buckner, we provide beautiful communities and convenient amenities that help residents lead full, healthy lives. If you’re considering moving into a retirement home in Dallas, Texas, contact us at 214.227.7182 today and start living the good life.