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Working at Buckner Retirement Services: Why You Should Apply

a caregiver working at buckner retirement services talks to a senior

When looking for a new career opportunity, it is important to consider all your options. You may not have thought much about senior living being a thriving line of work, but it’s a growing field that constantly needs new employees. We believe that everyone deserves to age with dignity and respect, and it takes many hands to help our residents do just that.

Working at Buckner Retirement Services is more than just being an employee. Our organization is focused on a greater mission of serving residents and delivering excellence in senior care. If you are interested in the many available careers at Buckner Retirement Services, give us a call at 214.227.7182.

Why Working at Buckner Retirement Services Might Be for You

You’ll Get Real-World Experience

Sitting in front of a computer all day has become the norm for many careers, but this type of work provides little in the way of real-world experience. A senior living job provides employees with experience dealing with a wide range of people and helps to develop skills that can apply to multiple career paths in the future. Some of these important skills include:

  • Learning accuracy and attention to detail when completing tasks, as the safety and security of the residents is of paramount importance
  • Developing crucial time management skills as you work within residents’ different schedules
  • Learning how to work with other team members whose expertise you’ll need to complete different tasks
  • Gaining experience with social services and medical services

Develop a Human Touch

Other types of careers in retail or food services may also provide opportunities to meet new people on a daily basis. However, it isn’t the same as the type of close contact involved in senior living, as it is rare to encounter the same person more than once. When working in a senior living community, it can quickly become a second home to you as well due to the close personal connections you can develop with the residents and other team members. Here, you will:

  • Help residents with their physical and emotional needs
  • Make friends in a supportive, accepting community where people get to enjoy their golden years
  • Develop empathy and compassion while working with people of different backgrounds and life experiences
  • Learn more about different generations and their values, perspectives, and history

What Sets Buckner Apart

There are many different senior living communities in America, but Buckner Retirement Services prides itself on setting itself apart from the pack in a number of ways:

  • Buckner is mission-driven – Our number one priority at work is achieving our mission of serving our residents each day, no matter the challenges.
  • Buckner is accountable – We are committed to transparency in operations and decision-making, and every member of the team holds themselves accountable for their conduct and performance.
  • Buckner is committed to excellence – There is one goal for us above all else, and that’s providing an excellent standard of care for senior adults.

The Buckner Core Principles

Everything we do at Buckner Retirement Services stems from the Buckner Core Principles, which are five significant promises we make to every member of our community from the moment they step foot on our premises. Our core principles are:

  • Security – At Buckner, we look after hundreds of people and employees. Helping our residents feel secure is a crucial part of our operations, so we’re always prepared for any medical emergency or natural catastrophe.
  • Service – Our employees are passionate about assisting residents and making them happy. We are dedicated to giving each and every resident the respect and attention they deserve.
  • Purpose – Pursuing a life of purpose is essential for seniors. Our employees are passionate about their own goals, as well as helping residents achieve theirs.
  • Connection – Each team member at Buckner is committed to fostering a welcoming community for residents, whether through personal contact or through clubs, committees, and senior activities.
  • Independence – Buckner employees are committed to helping residents live as independently as possible. We offer a variety of services and amenities to help our residents maintain their independence.

Discover Open Positions at Buckner Retirement Services

If you are looking for a new career opportunity and want to be part of an organization that is dedicated to service and excellence, then working at Buckner Retirement Services may be the opportunity for you. Contact us at 214.227.7182 to learn more about our open positions and what it’s like to work at Buckner.