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Finding Long-Term Skilled Nursing Care

skilled nursing care

Long-term skilled nursing care is a vital resource for many seniors. It supports your ability to function and manage in everyday life when performed well. However, not all Houston, TX, facilities provide the same services for this form of care. Some providers excel at what they do and offer the best possible care. Others, however, may fail to meet this standard of excellence. This means that you must know what to look for when searching for long-term skilled nursing care.

When Is Finding Long-Term Skilled Nursing Care a Must?

When should you find long-term skilled nursing care high on your list of priorities? Typically, this happens when you or your loved one have ongoing, serious health issues. These issues substantially interfere with your normal ability to function in one way or another. Conditions that can lead to a need for skilled nursing include:

  • Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia
  • A major stroke or heart attack
  • Advancing Parkinson’s disease

You may also require this kind of care for general mental or physical health declines.

What Happens in Skilled Nursing Care in Houston, TX

Skilled nursing services are often offered in long-term care facilities. As their name indicates, these facilities provide ongoing support for your health and well-being. A given long-term care provider may offer all manner of specific services. Examples of the options available to you in skilled nursing care in Houston, TX, may include:

  • Wound care
  • Physical, occupational, or speech therapy
  • Intravenous or IV therapy
  • Various injections
  • Medical monitoring
  • Catheter-related care

All such care is given only when medically necessary. What’s more, it can only be given by qualified professionals or staff working under their guidance. In addition to registered nurses, these professionals may include licensed practical nurses or vocational nurses. They may also include medical directors, audiologists, or speech/language pathologists.

Choosing a Long-Term Senior Care Facility

What should you look for when choosing a senior care facility? First and foremost, that facility must provide the services you or your loved one require. Those services should form part of a comprehensive treatment plan. Such a plan helps ensure that your overall well-being remains the focus.

Qualified providers are also essential to reliable, skilled nursing care. Your chosen facility should only employ experienced, well-trained lead professionals. In addition, these professionals must know how to work smoothly with all supporting staff.

Additional Amenities

These are just the barebone necessities of quality skilled nursing care. Top programs augment such necessities with additional perks or amenities. Such amenities may include laundry or housekeeping services and onsite beauty or barber options. They may also include free access to cable TV or Wi-Fi services. In addition, some top programs feature top-notch dining services and chef-prepared meals.

Amenities like these may not be strictly required. However, when present, they may add to your overall comfort during your time in long-term care. In this way, they may enhance the benefits of the core features of skilled nursing care.

Find Long-Term Skilled Nursing Care at Parkway Place

Do you or your loved one need help to find long-term skilled nursing care in Houston? The professionals at Parkway Place are standing by to assist you. We feature an on-site skilled nursing facility called The Haven. Whether you need short- or long-term care, you’ll receive it in the most dignified, compassionate manner possible.

In all cases, we focus on the details of your unique situation. Along with a full slate of amenities, this focus allows us to provide you with truly top-quality services. Call us today at 214.227.7182 or fill out our brief online form for more information on those services.