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5 Questions to Ask When Seeking Out Assisted Living for a Loved One

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If this is your first time looking for assisted living for a loved one, you may not know where to begin. While there is an abundance of assisted living communities in Texas, not all of them will be the right fit for your loved one. The seniors in your life will have different interests, abilities, and health care needs than their peers, so it is important to consider the various assisted living options before deciding on a community. Here, you will find some common questions for assisted living facilities to help you begin your search.

To provide the best-assisted living experience for your parents or another beloved senior, you can count on the luxury communities operated by Buckner Retirement Services. We have six assisted living communities throughout Texas, offering a range of care levels and services. When nothing but the best will do for your loved one, call us at 214.227.7182 to schedule a tour of our beautiful assisted living communities.

Questions to Ask When Seeking Assisted Living For a Loved One

When researching senior communities, consider the following questions for assisted living for a loved one:

1. Are staff members qualified to meet your loved one’s needs?

Each senior has different needs and may require different levels of assistance. Physical and mental capabilities can also change throughout the years, so it is essential to choose an assisted living community that can provide the necessary services, such as:

  • Monitoring medication
  • Assisting with daily life tasks such as dressing, bathing, and eating
  • Around-the-clock monitoring for those with Alzheimer’s or dementia

Having qualified staff available to assist your loved ones as needed is critical to their quality of life.

2. Can the facility accommodate your loved one’s dietary needs?

Now more than ever, you will find people with dietary restrictions, whether by preference or medical need. If the seniors in your life follow a specific diet, the dining services at the assisted living facility must provide a well-balanced range of foods for them. You may wish to inquire about:

  • Vegetarian or vegan options
  • Low sugar options for diabetes or hypoglycemia
  • Low salt options for hypertension
  • Grain-free options for gluten intolerance
  • Dairy-free options for lactose intolerance

In addition to ensuring that your loved one has plenty of appealing food options that align with their dietary needs, you may want to ask a few questions regarding the quality of the food. Find out how much of the food served is highly processed versus fresh.

3. Which amenities are included?

Services like housekeeping, laundry, and transportation can positively impact your senior’s quality of life. However, not all amenities are included in the cost of the assisted living facility. You should inquire about amenities included and those available at additional cost.

4. What type of activities are offered?

You want your loved one to have fun and stay active, so you need to choose an assisted living community that provides activities they enjoy. Senior activities are essential for socialization and mental stimulation. Ask the facility about on-site activities and those provided off-site to keep your loved one enjoying retirement to the fullest.

5. What type of living spaces are offered?

Each community operates differently, so you need to know more about their assisted living options. Some communities have private apartments, while others offer only shared rooms. They also vary in whether they are fully furnished or decorating is the resident’s responsibility. You may also wish to inquire whether each resident has a private bathroom and kitchen.

Buckner Retirement Services: The Premier Assisted Living Communities in Texas

Your parents worked hard to provide a good life for you, and now you want to do the same for them. Choose Buckner Retirement Services for the premier assisted living experience. Our upscale assisted living communities offer a wide range of services to ensure your loved one is happy, healthy, and comfortable throughout their senior years. Call us today at 214.227.7182 to learn more about the Buckner senior lifestyle.