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How We Support Senior Independence at Buckner Retirement

elderly man embracing his senior independence

Transitioning to life in a retirement community can make many senior adults feel apprehensive. A significant concern is how they will maintain independence while living in one of these communities. Fortunately, many services, amenities, and programs are in place to support a senior independent lifestyle.

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Supporting Senior Independence

At Buckner Retirement Services, we offer a range of programs and services to support senior independence.

Independent Living

One of the best ways to promote senior independence in retirement communities is by providing an environment where senior adults can live on their own.

Buckner Retirement Services offers independent living options for seniors who do not need 24/7 assisted care. Independent living options allow you or the seniors in your life to maintain a heightened sense of freedom by living without the presence of a caretaker.

Educational Programs

Buckner Retirement Services offers a variety of educational programs that allow seniors to flourish while living in a retirement community. In these programs, senior adults can work with computers or learn new skills that enable them to participate in an ever-changing society.

Memory Care

For many seniors, memory loss and issues with cognitive decline are ongoing struggles. Buckner Retirement Services provides skilled memory care with highly trained professionals who can give you or your loved ones the tools to sharpen mental acuity and maintain senior independence.

Recreational Activities

Partaking in recreational activities is integral to senior independence in retirement communities. These activities can help lift residents’ spirits and give them enjoyable experiences to look forward to and reflect on.

At Buckner Retirement Services, we offer a variety of recreational activities, including arts and crafts, group outings, and more.

Therapy Services

Maintaining physical and mental health is essential for seniors to feel independent while living in any environment.

At Buckner Retirement Services, we aim to provide our residents with the resources they need to improve both their physical and mental health, including:

  • physical, occupational, and speech therapy
  • professional medication management

Nutrition Counseling

Healthy eating habits are an excellent way for seniors to remain active and independent for many years. Following a well-balanced diet can help prevent certain health issues that senior adults are at an increased risk of developing, including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and high cholesterol.

To ensure that all of our residents are able to follow a healthy diet, we offer nutrition counseling that can give you customized meal plans and inform you of your dietary needs.

Skilled Nursing Care

Many senior adults struggle with medical concerns that can impact their ability to function or affect their quality of life. At Buckner Retirement Services, we provide skilled nursing and medical care that can help these residents live more independently.

With rehabilitation services and licensed nurse clinicians, we can always offer a helping hand to any senior who is managing a medical ailment.

Resident Amenities

For some adults, maintaining a sense of senior independence involves certain amenities they enjoy in their free time. That is why Buckner communities include on-site spas, recreational centers, dining services, and even library access.

Residents in our communities can fill their time with many things they have enjoyed outside of retirement living.

Supporting Senior Independence at Buckner Retirement Services

Buckner Retirement Services may be the solution you need if you are looking for a retirement community for yourself or a loved one.

We provide a wide variety of services and amenities to help senior adults maintain their independence long after moving into retirement living. Call us at 214.227.7182 to learn more about Buckner Retirement Services.